Cam followers bearings

At present the INA bearing are used in many printing machineries ,this is mainly because INA company is very professional in this business,and it is the world's leading manufacturer of cam followers. Many well-known brand printing machine manufacturers also use INA brand bearings, INA Bearing are widely used in: Roland machine, Heidelberg machine specific bearings, sticky printing machine, carton printing machinery of one-way bearings etc.

Cam Followers are follower bearings for cam mecha-nisms and linear motions provided with high rigidity and high accuracy. They are,thereore,used widely for machine tools,industrial robots,electronics devices,and OA equipment.

Hex Head Cam Followers can be fixed firmly by hex-agonal wrench and re-lubrication root can be chosen from three positions.This series contributes easy assembling and easy maintennance in your applications.

Schaeffler trading (china) Co.Ltd can provide the INA professional cam followers in stock,if you need or need other technical advice,please feel free to contact our customer service.

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